So, who are you guys?

We are a married couple who have a shared LOVE of books (and animals as you will see from our social media posts!) We are both passionate about recycling and reusing what’s around us & we think that this will be enjoyed by book fans of all ages and preferences. We have started The Recycled Book Club as we genuinely enjoy reading, and wanted to provide a book club for other readers around the UK, which is actively helping to reduce waste and promote re-use, whilst also delivering good quality books. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for small sellers to get some exposure for their products. We have carefully chosen these suppliers to meet our ethos of eco-consciousness and reduced waste.

How do you find out what books I like?

Once you have placed your order, please go over to our Preference Questionnaire page, where you will be asked to fill in a couple of questions. We then use this information to source the books we think you’ll like.

When will I receive my order?

Well, we were OFFICIALLY going to be launching 2nd January, however after much initial interest, we decided to bring this forward to 30th November. So, with Christmas in mind, we are taking orders for our FIRST EVER subscriptions (posted 2nd Jan) until December 15th. Normally though, books ordered before the 24th of the month will be posted on the 2nd of the following month.

Does the subscription auto-renew?

We have just added an auto-renewal, one month rolling subscription to our site, upon request from some of our awesome subscribers! We also have pre-paid monthly subscription options available (with some awesome discounts)!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! If you currently have an auto-renewing subscription & want to cancel, just drop us an email at recycledbookclub1@gmail.com. If you have pre-paid subscription, this will not auto renew, so when you receive your expiry reminder, you may wnat us to come back to our site and place another order.

Why £9.00 for a second-hand book?

Because it’s not JUST a used book you are getting! We spend huge amounts of time sifting through many, many different sources of used books to pick titles we think you’ll love. We have a huge collection of modern & classic titles, just waiting to be sent out to you. We have a database of thousands of books, which gives us the opportunity to send you titles that will widen your reading spectrum and help you to discover authors. Our books are all in great condition and carefully inspected by our team.

Included in each box is also a gift, a different one each time, ranging from awesome The Recycled Book Club merch to handmade gifts from our suppliers that we think you’ll love. We have some amazing items coming in 2020! The £9.00 also includes P&P! Discounts are available for pre-paid subscriptions.

We also save you the time of having to rummage through the endless sources of used book sources that are available. We provide you with a surprise book you may not have chosen for yourself.

We also donate excess books to charitable organisations, to keep the recycling going.

Why do you use only recycled/used books?

Because we are sick of the paying over the odds to get our literary fix, that’s why! Our ethos is to help reduce the need for more manufacturing of many already existing titles, helping reduce waste in the book world. Just because our books aren’t newly printed, doesn’t mean they aren’t great, or that they are old! We have many, many recent releases & some brilliat slitghly older ones. We do not stock books we aren't sure someone will want to read. Many of our books are very recent titles, most in like new condition, some brand new, you just aren't their first owner.


We enjoy picking up those hidden gems that might take a bit longer to find. It’s what we set The Recycled Book Club up for! So we take up the treasure hunt, whilst you lucky book club members get to await your monthly delivery with excitement *yay!* Plus, it makes you feel kinda good doesn’t it? Knowing you are helping to save the world… go on admit it, it feels good!

Does the price include P&P?

Hell yes it does!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes it is. We only use recyclable packaging and we ask the same from our suppliers.


What if I’ve already read the book you send?

This is always a small risk with a book subscription service on any kind, HOWEVER, we do believe some books deserve to be read again and again. If you are really unhappy, please use the contact us page to send us a note.

We have a large database of books, from all over the WORLD, giving us a huge pool to pull from. We also record each books Goodread ratings, helping us to ensure the books we send to you are loved by other readers too!

What gifts can I expect?

They aren’t a surprise if you already know!! But, you can expect to see one gift a month, different each time. There will be some The Recycled Book Club Merch & some truly beautiful items from our wonderful suppliers. We don't want to give too much away but, all we can say is, get ready to see some beautiful book themed surprises and of course some recycled ones too! Now you’re curious aren’t you!

Please feel free to drop us a message with anything else.


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