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Well, this week has been hell-a-busy! Not only have we had some awesome recycled books delivery come in, which needed sifting through, putting onto our Library and checking for condition... we also have had the website to complete, social media to set up, suppliers to speak to... I think it's safe to say we are fully committed to The Recycled Book Club!

We are both really excited to get started. It's been a really great journey so far, everyone has been so supportive & helpful.

So anyway!

Our book delivery arrived Wednesday *yay!* We source books from a number of suppliers, sometimes only a few, sometimes we get erm.. quite a few! With the bigger bulks we get, as you can imagine not all books are in suitable condition for our subscriptions, so these books we donate to local charities and care homes to still be enjoyed. We just don't feel we could use them as part our subscriptions.

We also caught a member of the household reading one of these not so suitable books! Bella didn't expect us to walk in and see her reading this we think....

Little bugger! So amongst sorting through some pretty awesome titles, we have been preparing for our GO LIVE Saturday 30th November! The website has taken a lot of time, as we have wanted to get it to a good standard for you. Please if you see anything you think we should change, or anything we have missed that you would like to see, please drop us a line! We are a new business & we want to know what our customers think. Good or bad!

So today will be spend finishing off the website and preparing for tomorrow. We really hope you like our site and want to becoming one of our subscribers. Not only do we check for condition, we also record our books in our library with their Goodreads rating, to ensure it's not just us that think these books are great, but other book fans too.

Thank you checking out our blog. Please check back soon for details of our competition we are going to be running. If that doesn't make you want to check back, then please come back to see more animals in precarious positions, just like the young man below...



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